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A confession

by on Feb.08, 2013, under Digital Storytelling, reads

I have been recently watching “Downton Abbey”, making it through the first series.  I justify it because of my class in Digital Storytelling, and because it provides me with some QT with my spouse, something that is in short supply whenever you’ve got two little ones, a job, a stint in grad school, etc.  I’ve put down “V.” for the time being, I think the next time I will actually have a block of time to pick it back up is on a family camping trip.  The little 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there that I was doing made it too difficult to follow along; it’s too dense for that.

I always poked fun at the bodice-rippers (even though I have read one just to find out what it was all about), and at first I just thought DA would be another better put together of that old meme.  But as many have already said, it really gets into the early 20th century class dynamic in England and I just like how the stories are laid out.  I feel a connection with the characters even though I would like to think I’m smack dab in between both of these depicted extremes.

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