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by on Feb.27, 2013, under ramblings

Lots of iPad presence on the ASTE grounds this year. Sessions devoted to the iPad ecosystem, from numerous talks about their management, app development, how to use them in the classroom. On the event calendar I did see a session devoted to Android app development as well, but the relative lack of their presence demonstrates a key point for me: Apple understands education marketing extremely well and comes at you with the whole package. If the various manufacturers of mobile devices running Android are going to get a foothold in the education market in Alaska they are going to have to do a lot better, holistically. I’m mystified as to why these manufacturers seemingly fail to understand the marketing punch of getting that whole package of hardware, training, and support out there for the education. Learn from our friends in the tobacco industry: hook ’em young. I care for a few reasons: it is my earnest belief that competition in this sort of field benefits everyone through the formation of open standards, more impetus for providing better (and perhaps cheaper?) enterprise management workflows, and lowered costs for the [educational] consumer. Insert car analogy here.

To be sure, I am coming around to tablet computing. I love using my iPad for all sorts of things, mostly in what I call “knowledge consumption” mode. I haven’t used Android very much at all, although I’m giving serious thought to replacing my home computer with a “house tablet” + HDMI display of some sort (yes OK an Apple TV module would fit in this niche as well). My concern is that of the monoculture.

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