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#seaccr Week 7 Reflections

by on Oct.28, 2013, under #seaccr

I’m seeing a lot of cool projects out there that people are doing, and I think that mine is going too slow. With a name like “action research” I expect more explosions.  I suppose it was something of a slow week for me, given my “holding pattern” status.

On a side note, for the first time time in a few weeks I feel like I don’t have that lingering cold that had been bugging me for so long.  I’ve actually been able to go do those things I really like to do, such as running, hunting, going to the dojo, and work at a much higher level than I have been, which has a positive effect on my ability to focus on work.  I take my health for granted but boy whenever I have “the grim” cold that seems to happen about once a year it’s like I’m running a constant, low-grade “meh” that eats into my ability to work efficiently.

This week I participated in a marathon Twitter session on Tuesday for both the #seaccr and #aktechplan classes and I’m not sure in the future if I’ll do the two back to back.  It’s hard at that time of day to focus solely on Twitter, when the needs of dinner time and my little children are vying for my attention.  I’ve noticed more than a few fellow classmates mention how they are gaining confidence in using Twitter, how they gain confidence and support from their peers through that medium, and through blogging, and I think that makes our class stronger.  I like the format of shifting the lead of the Twitter sessions; I think having to critically think of questions for discussion is very instructive itself.  If you understand something well enough, you can ask deep questions about it.

This week, somewhat surprisingly, I had a few people tell me that they really enjoyed my re-sharing of the iPad app evaluation rubric that a coworker shared with me.  I’m glad it’s working for people, and I really would like to know of other useful tools that people have seen out there for gauging the effectiveness of content-specific mobile device apps or simply tools for helping to make either their or their students’ work easier.

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