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#aktechplan Reflections, week 5

by on Nov.18, 2013, under Technology Planning

Robinson (2011) is of course very readable but I had a hard time making the leap from chapter 6 of “Out of Our Minds” to this week’s essential question: “What is your vision for technology in schools?”.  Instead I found myself supplementing my reading with some side tracks on Social Construction of Technology, whereby “human action shapes technology” (Wikipedia, Social construction of technology), in contrast with Technological Determinism, which “seeks to show technical developments, media, or technology as a whole, as the key mover in history and social change” (Kunz, as cited in Wikipedia, Technological determinism).  Whenever I get burrowed, however minor, into a philosophical discussion with diametrically opposing theories I get to thinking of two apes scraping lines in the ground in front of them gesticulating wildly, indicating that it can only be their way.  Doesn’t the answer truly lie somewhere in between?  Is society strictly SimCity like where an inexorable march towards some as-yet-unknown technological future is in the cards, a la Asimov’s “Foundation” series?  Or does society play a big hand in determining what advances they choose to pursue to greater or lessor degree based on what is currently known?  I would like to think the latter.

Dwelling over this topic at the airport before my next flight, I had no idea that my next location was one in which access to the Internet was a scant luxury compared to what I was used to.  Over the past few days it’s been somewhat tough to get online, due to a variety of factors.  How we take access everywhere for granted these days, even at schools!  That experience grounded my vision for technology into something akin to Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”; developing a great tech presence is dependent on underlying factors.

Due to the limited Internet connectivity I had some difficulty checking out Chris’ blog, which may have to wait until I get back home I fear.  I really do like the efforts others are putting into expressing their views creatively in their blogs, and I look forward to being able to contribute in kind in the weeks ahead.


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