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#etlead week 9 reflection

by on Mar.17, 2014, under #etlead

Working with #etlead+#gamifi-ED #Minecraft crew

griefer-level-1We have a great team lined up for the #gamifi-ED Minecraft project in the #etlead class.  Over the past week there have been no fewer than 4 hangouts between various members of the group to get our feet wet with Minecraft / MinecraftEdu, and an extensive amount of that time was spent discussing ways that we could create a game within a game to set the stage for students to learn some concepts of civics as it relates to preventing Panem.  It’s a pretty compelling idea and I hope that Vicki’s class is into the idea.  It’s a concept that can really be expanded out as big as you like: comparing and contrasting governance in Panem with various examples current and past seems pretty compelling.  There’s a lot of thanks to go around here: I’m thankful to Chris Stegall and Tiffany Pickrell for really lighting the fire for me and reviewing the initial Google Document and coming up with some great ideas for the world as well as potential quests relating to The Hunger Games and how they might look in Minecraft.  Tomas Andersen came up with the idea of incorporating the Code of Hamurabi within a quest.  Sara Lambries came late to our group, but I’m excited to work with her here as I have done in the EDMA693 course.  Nicole Fuerst has more knowledge stored up about games and gamification in her crippled X-Box thumb than I have in my whole being and I’m excited to work with her in this endeavor as well.  Our crew got thwarted by Thomas Mellen during the tutorial session, as he went around and tried to block everyone while they were finding their way to the campground on more than one occasion, and so hereby earns the “Griefer Level 1” badge.

Geeking out with My Son

I spent some time this past week geeking out with my son, who’s very interested in Minecraft.  I had the most rare time the other day, just sitting back and watching him explain his creation to me within the game.  It was quite exciting listening to his design thoughts – he built this neat indoor garden inside his house.

He loves flowers!

The Importance of Powering off

With all this new attention on learner collectives, and 24/7 learning its easy to stay powered up and engaged at almost any time of the day.  We have to remember to make time to get outside the digital sphere at times, and with that note I need to power off for the night myself.  It’s been a busy past month, I have spring break to look forward to, and want to spend a good portion of it with my loving family.  I’ll never be completely ahead on all the work, and I always have a better perspective after hanging out, messing around, and geeking out with them.

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