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Winding down the group project for #etlead

by on Apr.12, 2014, under #etlead

We’re coming down to the end of the semester, the end of the course, and therefore the end of the Minecraft #etlead project for the Gamifi-ED project. It’s been a busy time and although I’ll miss the fury and flurry of activity I look forward to when we can package it up, put a ribbon on it, and call it finished (at least for now).

This week I have had the distinct pleasure of working individually with the group members. A personal highlight was working with Chris Stegall in assembling a rough movie trailer storyboard, a process that involved pulling from existing efforts from Nicole, Chris, and others, writing and rewriting, combing through visual clips that we already have, and figuring out what remains. Chris brought up the idea of using a parody of the Lego Movie scene where Emmet goes through an instruction manual of life in the Lego town of Bricksburg:

In our instance though we’re showing what sort of dismal place Panem could be.  I love it – the concept that is, not the dystopian world of Katniss Everdeen.  Chris spent a lot of time exploring the theme with a variety of comic book sketches using images we took directly from the game.  Chris is by no means the only person working on this project, but I single her contribution out this week since I found it personally rewarding to be involved with this phase of media creation.

panem-are we there yet

I have a friend, Noah Walden, who is working on the narration piece which I should receive back shortly (today!).  Once I have that it’s just a matter of assembling all the bits and pieces into a short trailer to release!

The couple of outstanding things that remain to be done are connections with relevant standards as well as some housekeeping in terms of links collected together via a ThingLink page, contact pages, and bios, in order to give it polish.  “Wait a second, did you just say standards?”, you ask, “should that not come at the beginning of unit design as stipulated by Understanding by Design principles?”.  Normally, I would say yes, this is the best course of action, but in this instance, since our group was concerned with exploring how Minecraft could be used within education, we were unsure how large or small to make the scope of the game design, and hence the standards which were to be addressed.  After undertaking this project I feel much better equipped with putting the standards piece in its expected place at the beginning of the planning process.  After all, right now we’re just playin’.

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