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Oat Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Liam

by on Aug.26, 2014, under ramblings, recipes

I’ve been having a hard time with parenting my oldest lately. My son is going from preschool to Kindergarten and we like to say he’s “transitioning”. From his perspective perhaps the problem is that I’m not. Case in point – I’m still trying to force him to take a damned nap when he’s tired and acting like a snot towards his sister. I keep trying to tell him – “dude I’m almost 40 and I discovered the joy of napping one day not all that long ago! You should really try it the next time you’re feeling grumpy and angry at people – it’s super helpful!”. Because really, it is. Show me someone that doesn’t enjoy a good nap and I probably wouldn’t don’t trust them much like WC Fields wouldn’t trust a non-drinker.

I am really trying to help and not be a big jerk. In hindsight, if anything at all I feel like I’m “transitioning” (regressing) back to toddler-hood while he’s jumping two feet out of the last vestiges of it. I want to figure this kind of stuff out now because I know it’s just going to get worse the older it gets, as well it probably should since you want them to go off and be independent some day so you can get some stuff done around here for chrissakes’.

When I’m frustrated with the roadblocks of dealing with my little people I have to remember the good things we’ve done together recently to keep it all in perspective. Here’s some cookies I made with Liam recently, adapted from an oat-fudge brownie recipe that an angel gave me back in my college years, smuggled from a local establishment that I used to do my homework at:

Colin and Liam’s “Pretty Close to Perfect Oat Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe”

Dry Stuff
1 tsp Salt
1 1/2 tsp Soda
3 cups Bread flour
3 cups Oats, and not that instant stuff that I only take camping

Wet Stuff (well sort of)
1 cups Butter
2 cups Brown Sugar, packed
2 1/2 tsp Vanilla
2 eggs

The Awesomeness
1 10oz bag of chocolate chunks, the Fred-Meyer-brand-because-I-haven’t-made-my-second-million-yet-Ghiradelli-brand
Totally optional – speaking of luxurious – chopped up pecans. A 1/4-1/2 cup amount is probably about right. Nowadays everyone has some sort of food allergy so unless you’re planning on only eating these in the comfort of your own closet while wearing your favorite band t-shirt from the 90’s, better leave these in the top cupboard with the good scotch.

Melt the butter, not all the way, just enough so that it will blend well with the brown sugar and vanilla (yes do that now). Add in the eggs – and this is the only part that Liam didn’t really want to do because it’s messy, and I gave up on trying to force him to get dirty long ago. Mix it all up until it seems pretty consistent and creamy.

Mix up all the dry ingredients separately and then add one half at a time to the wet ingredients while blending them up. Stir in the chocolate chunks and whatever else you will need to atone for into the dough. Plop small golf ball sized portions onto a buttered cookie sheet, and I do mean buttered (not that Pam crap). Smoosh them down a wee bit and bake at 350deg for about 10-12m. I’m using a convection oven so I’ve got mine in for about 9-10m at 325. YMMV. Hope yours turn out as well as ours did.

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